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Art at IACS is offered to everyone, K-8th grade. Each student receives at least 1 hour of art each week, with middle school students receiving up to 10 hours! It is an experiential based class that exposes students to every medium possible and as many cultures as possible! Each grade level instruction is based off of the Colorado Visual Arts state standards & each student is taught to be "art-smart" & encouraged to find their own creativity! A school wide art show is put together for students to invite family & friends to enjoy an evening of art, music and dinner at the school each May.

Elementary students K-5th grade get to participate in visual arts for a full hour each week! They explore several mediums such as pencil, colored pencils, crayons, markers, watercolor, tempura and acrylic paints, clay, paper mache, oil pastels, collage and much more! Every student creates a sketchbook to practice in & takes home at the end of the year!

6th grade students get the opportunity to take two hours of art each week. Their lessons are based around the Elements of Art, Line, Color, Shape, Space, Texture, Value & Form, as well as the Colorado Visual Arts state standards. Each student receives a leather sketchbook to plan & practice in & gets to take home at the end of the year!

Advanced Art is for middle school students who want to dive deep into one or more mediums in one semester. These students get art for 1 hour every day & are encouraged to push themselves to work large! They also work with more advanced materials & have the opportunity to compete at local & state wide art competitions.

Clay class & Advanced Clay class is a ceramics based class that teaches students about hand building & throwing on the pottery wheel. This class meets for 1 hour each day & students create pinch pots, cool vessels, slab structures, cultural masks & learn about glazing & painting techniques!

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