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Lego League/Robotics Club

Lego League—Robotics Club

This is more than a Robotics Club…it is a League of Extraordinary kids!  This is a club that meets after school throughout the year.  We have two middle school teams.  In the fall time, we are busy preparing for our First Lego League Qualifier.  In the spring time, we extend our FLL season by hosting our own competition here at the school.

As part of the FLL Qualifier, kids will program a robot to autonomously complete missions that are designated by FIRST Lego League.  The missions follow the theme of the game season.  Students not only compete on the completion of missions by their robot, but earn points for their research and presentation of a solution to a problem, collaboration during a CORE Values challenge, and robot design.  The robots are built using Lego Mindstorms pieces and EV3 bricks.  Our teams are structured and every kid has a specific job that relates to FLL and maintaining our club.

During our off-season, the coaches work hard to keep students engaged in robotics and technology.  We develop our own creative themed off-season competition and take field trips.  The field trips are to places that get kids excited about life applications of technology.  Our off-season game gives kids the time to keep working on their robots and explore other roles in the team.  We have done Robot Basketball and Medieval Games. ​

LRBL (Lego Robotics Based Learning)

This is an elective class for students interested in Lego Robotics, but not able to be part of our Robotics Club.  In this class, students learn the basics of working with EV3 bricks, programming and designing robots, and collaborating with classmates to accomplish specific challenges. We explore the various motors, sensors, and technic pieces. A few of our challenges have included Sumo Wrestling, navigating a maze, and racing.

Countdown to Medieval Games

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