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General Performing Arts

There are so many opportunities to get involved in the Performing Arts at Independence Academy!  We value the arts highly and offer a variety of performance-oriented classes including Choir, Orchestra, Band, Drama, and Guitar for Middle School as well as an hour of General Music for Elementary students every week.  Many Middle School students are involved in multiple performances classes simultaneously!  Students have several opportunities to perform for parents, each other, and the community throughout the year.  Our Performing and Visual Arts Departments offer some of the most well-rounded, comprehensive opportunities for expression through the arts in the Grand Valley!


All students in Kindergarten-5th Grade take part in an hour of music classes every week!  Students have the opportunity to learn how to create, perform, and critically respond to all kinds of music.  A variety of important musical concepts and skills are acquired in class including: how to perform on stage and be a good audience member, counting rhythms, reading music, composition, music history and appreciation, music of world cultures, proper singing technique, understanding of musical instruments, how to play mallet instruments, and more.  Elementary Students perform in two concerts every year: one holiday-themed program in December and one eclectic program including several different styles of music in the spring.

Independence Academy Choir


We have two choirs at Independence Academy!  Choir students work each day to become excellent, mature performers as individuals within an ensemble.  Each Choir meets for one hour every day, during which time students rehearse a variety of musical selections in 2-3 part choral arrangements on top of learning important skills for singers including reading music, counting rhythms, sight singing, singing music by ear, and so much more.  Choir students can expect to perform in four concerts every year (one concert per quarter).  The Advanced Choir (7/8th Grade) takes part in Colorado West Festival, a statewide performance competition, every April.  Solo opportunities are also available for our singers!

Independence Academy Orchestra


Our brand new Orchestra program is growing fast!  Middle School students have the opportunity to select a stringed instrument (violin, viola, or cello) to play in the school orchestra, which meets for one hour every day.  On top of learning to play their chosen instrument, students learn to read music, play in an ensemble, and to appreciate orchestral music and composers!  Our instrumentalists can expect to perform in four concerts every year (one concert per quarter) and participate as a class in either Solo and Ensemble in February or Colorado West Festival in April as a chance to perform in the community!


Our middle school students have a tremendous opportunity to learn how to play and perform on the Guitar.  Our Guitar course is taught by an internationally renowned guitarist, Javier de Los Santos.  Guitar is taught in a small group format.


This performance based class will teach you how to play in a musical group using instruments such as trumpet, clarinet, flute, trombone and more.  A variety of musical genres will be studied.

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